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Brett Barclay:
Brett is a well recognised figure in the Convenience Channel in Australia. He has presented at countless conferences and summits in both Australia and overseas. Brett has well established relationships locally and abroad and has hosted study tours throughout different markets for retailers and suppliers.
Corinne Barclay:
Corinne has been involved in the FMCG industry for over 15 years working in both Suppliers and Agencies, and across Research, Sales, Category and Activation. Corinne’s expertise and passion is with the shopper, and how understanding their behaviours and needs will grow your business.
CMA Shopper Report is a syndicated programme measuring shopper behaviour by conducting face to face exit interviews with convenience shoppers in store. It provides key data that cannot be gained from an online survey, so will cover some gaps retailers and suppliers currently face. Some examples include:
Shopper Missions
Impulse vs. Planned Purchases
Time of day & day of week behaviours
Promotional Effectiveness

It will also provide retailers the ability benchmark themselves against the total channel.

The programme includes State based and Independent retailers, not only the majors, ensuring that you get a total view of the Convenience channel. It will also provide the ability to look at data by store format, clusters and Buying Groups vs. Head office.

The programme is in field March-April with results and reporting available from late June

CMA Shopper Matters is an online community of convenience store shoppers, that are engaged for 6 months per year to provide us with ongoing insights, ideas, feedback and inspiration.

Get a greater depth and understanding of shoppers regular behaviour as well as have the ability to track their habits and purchases.

See cross channel and category information as well as attitudes to current topics and broader issues.

Benefits include:

Qualitative Feedback

Track Brands or NPD

Test your marketing

Shoppers are engaged through a combination of polls, tasks, games and forums to provide you with a variety of data and insights.

Influence the conversations and share in the insights and knowledge on a weekly basis. Or run your own bespoke research.


Our consulting process is focussed on the Convenience Channel and brings over 20 years’ experience within this market in Australia.

We offer a range of services including:
  • Focus Group facilitation - Online and Face to Face (facilities available at our offices)
  • NPD Testing
  • In store concept testing – POS, Promotions, Product and Equipment
  • Voice of Customer research
  • Study Group tours
  • Conference presentations and Workshop facilitation

We bring industry knowledge and strong relationships across retailers and suppliers. Together with quality insights and a strategic focus we can help you develop channel strategies that are sustainable.

We work on 3 principles:
  1. The shopper/customer is at the heart of everything
  2. Understanding your retailers and the channel is key to winning with them
  3. Success comes from an integrated and aligned process
Convenience Pulse® is a benchmarking programme designed specifically for the Convenience Channel only. It provides retailers and suppliers feedback on each other’s performance on key metrics to help strengthen and improve relationships and to drive better results. It provides the following:
Measures the performance of retailers as rated by suppliers across 5 key areas of business relevant to the Convenience channel
Measures the performance of suppliers as rated by retailers across 5 key areas of business relevant to the Convenience channel
Measures the performance of suppliers as rated by retail outlets across 4 key areas of business relevant to the Convenience channel
Convenience Pulse® is a benchmarking programme with measures specific to the Convenience Channel. Login to Convenience Pulse

The Value of Impulse

  • Date: 17th April, 2018
  • Posted By: Convenience Measures Australia
  • Category: Insights

Engaging customers to spend more in-store.  Building basket value with current shoppers purchasing within the store is the greatest opportunity for any retailer. If you can convince shoppers to spend more while in store with current offers, then you drive both value of basket and item count. In our 2017 Convenience Measures Australia (CMA) Shopper Report, […]

donuts, snacking

Food and Snacking – Where to Next?

  • Date: 16th April, 2018
  • Posted By: Convenience Measures Australia
  • Category: Insights

Over the last few years, we have seen convenience retailers expand food and snacking options in store. We are seeing retailers move away from a basic offer of pies and sausage rolls to a more developed and broader offering. While pies and sausage rolls remain the core, the offer has developed to a mix of […]

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